Friday, March 25, 2011

Who am I?

Hello there.

My named is N'Eligahn and I can sometimes be argumentative and stubborn.

Okay, so sometimes is a slight underexaggeration. Let's go with "tend to be".

However, I like to believe I argue and debate not to so much be a stubborn ass, but to make what I hope are good opinions known, albeit somewhat forcefully.

That being said, I created this blog so that I have a decent outlet for those opinions rather than shouting them at people.

A little background about my gaming experience:

My first game console was a used Nintendo Entertainment system. I think it was actually somewhat broken because the games never looked the way they were supposed to. That dream ended when my sister soved a peanut butter and jelly sandwich into it, thinking that it was supposed to be put there.

My next console was a brand new Sega Genesis and yes, I was a member of the Sega Army during the 16-bit wars and I still maintain that that era of Sonic could easily beat up Mario. Hey, as long as he has one ring, he'll never die.

After that it was an N64 and that was also the period when my family finally upgraded our computer to something with a CD drive and about the time I played Starcraft for the first time. It was around this point that I really became a true gamer.

It wasn't until I joined the Navy and started really delving into the gaming lifestyle that I really fell in love with the industry. I like to read the soap operas about the goings-on of the developers and publishers just as much as the articles about the games themselves.

So that brings us around full circle to this Blog itself. It will be here that I write my articles and make my opinions known about the industry and the games themselves. I'm looking at reviews, commentary, opinion pieces and hopefully more than a few YouTube videos.

Well, that's it for now. If you have any questions, e-mail me and we'll see how quickly I can get them answered.

Until next time, take care and game on.


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